Fitness Beginner’s Guide To HIIT Workouts

Beginner’s Guide To HIIT Workouts


First of all let’s find out what exactly HIIT stands for. HHIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. So what HIIT is and how you do it is somewhat different than your every day typical workout.

You will want to start off by creating yourself a routine in which you will be following. Before you actually establish your own routine you want to understand the concept of your new exercise plan. The concept of this work out is focused on a good and effective cardio work out. It is a series of repetition. You will do a certain amount of high intensity cardio vascular exercise followed by brief down time or resting periods.

You can follow the same method of your choice of exercise or you can choose to switch it up to where you will be doing a mixture of exercise for just one minute, but that one minute will have to be extremely high intensity before you break for your rest period.

To begin your HIIP exercise it is advised that you first start by doing only 15 -30 minutes at your new starting point because this is a very high intensity work out and you can very easily become over fatigued and also weak.

If when starting out you are only focusing on one specific body part at a time choosing the 15 minute HIIT work out is suitable for that. If you are aiming more towards a full body work out you will want to choose the 30 minute MIIT work out because this will allow you more time to focus on all of your body parts.

As with any form of work outs that you do, you want to make sure you listen to your body. If you had initially planned for a 15 minute workout and you are starting to feel tired before your time is up just simply stop and allow your body to rest. As time goes on you will know how much and how often your body can do. And the longer you are doing your HIIP workouts the more your body will be accustomed to it.

What every one really likes about the HIIT work out is that you can do it anywhere, any time because the only thing required to do this is your own body. No exercise equipment is ever needed.

This is a great exercise program because it is a big factor in achieving your weight loss goals. This is because of the high intensity and the allowing yourself to take the short breaks.

In doing HIIT workouts it is very beneficial in speeding up your metabolism and even once you have finished your exercise for the day, your metabolism keeps right on going and continues burning calories.

HIIT workouts exercise program for beginners is very flexible and has many different forms of exercise to choose from. These different formats of exercise is what makes HIIT work out so favored by many.

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