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  Juneteenth is a significant holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Juneteenth. Educate yourself and learn about the history and significance of Juneteenth. Read books, watch documentaries, or explore online resources to understand its context and importance. My family and friends are planning on attending some local events. Many communities organize parades, festivals, or gatherings to celebrate Juneteenth. Check for local events in your area and join in

  Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black Americans/African Americans throughout history. Here are some great ideas for celebrating Black History Month. Hosting a virtual book club is one idea. Choose a book by a Black author and invite friends, family, or coworkers to read it and discuss it together. This is a great way to learn about Black history and culture, and to promote diversity in literature. One of my favorite suggestion is watching a

  If you are a college basketball fan like me March Madness can come with it’s own set of thrills and stresses. For many people, March Madness can be a stressful time, especially for those who are invested in the tournament, either through their favorite team or through a tournament bracket. There are many reasons why March Madness can be stressful, including but clearly exciting! March Madness is known for its unpredictability, with upsets and surprises often occurring during the tournament. This

  Lent is a religious observance in the Christian faith that occurs during the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. During this time, many Christians choose to give up a bad habit or take on a positive practice as a form of spiritual discipline and preparation for Easter. While giving up a bad habit is one way to observe Lent, it is not the only way. Some people choose to take on positive practices, such as volunteering, daily prayer or meditation,

Stepping out on faith can be scary because it often involves taking risks and facing uncertainty. When you step out on faith, you're choosing to believe in something even if you can't see the outcome or guarantee that things will work out the way you hope. This can be particularly daunting if you've experienced failure or disappointment in the past, as it can make you hesitant to take chances. However, stepping out on faith can also be incredibly rewarding. By choosing

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away. If you are like most couple and have nothing nailed down. I suggest taking a weekend cruise. Not only are cruises dirt cheap but you literally don’t have to plan a thing.  I found so many last minute weekend deals just searching the other day. Taking a cruise is great for couples and even better during Valentine’s. Think about this, all-inclusive food, romantic dinners, water views,  Broadway shows or readymade entertainment. Clubs, dancing,

A romantic dinner, chocolate and bouquet of roses usually sums up my Valentine’s Day. Being married for over 30 years, my husband and I have found lots of fun ways to make the night more memorable. Here are some add-on ideas to spice up the night. Create a playlists of romantic songs together. Try taking a salsa or ballroom dance class together. One fun idea is a couple’s sip and paint class. There are so many fun things to do

I have things that I'm aiming for, but I’d prefer not to use the word resolution. My main reason is because that word sometimes creates elements of failure. The only reason why I say that is because when you create a resolution, it almost, feels like you are trapping yourself. This sometimes can become an issue and add more stress then it actually should be.  I’m instead adding goals I actually believe I can achieve. Always aim for goals that

We are not trained or conditioned to accept things not working out. As kids, something not working out can result in funky moods, tantrums, or overall poor behavior. Unfortunately, those reactions we consider “childish” most people never actually grow out of. It’s a difficult thing to admit when you have to come to terms that you may have aged but you are very much the same as you were. Letting go is a trained mentality, it is very unnatural in a

I present you with a question is the government of the United States inspired by God? I always heard from the time that I was a child that “The United States is a Christian nation” without a state-established Creed. I personally would not consider that a fair assessment, consider that at least seven of the American wars have been fought against professing Christian combatants. This includes the nation's Civil War wherein the hundreds of thousands of those calling themselves Christians

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