Bible and prayer apps play a vital role in helping you stick to the prayer routine. There are several bible apps you can install. They will allow you to access bible verses from any location. Check on the type of app before installing it. Some apps are available on Android, while others are supported by iOS. Some apps are easy to use, while others may have several features that require you to learn how they operate. Here are some of

Churches serve to bring people together through the gathering of religion and community. As the Coronavirus continues to spread, this traditional gathering of people has been put on hold as many churches can't meet in-person. Fortunately, it's still possible to hold church services thanks to live-streaming capabilities. Services via live stream or church services on-demand enable a pastor to deliver a sermon to his church without compromising the safety of its members. Here are some of the most dependable church

Most good hearted individuals feel obligated to give back to their community. From volunteering time or giving monetary donations, during the Covid-19 pandemic families can use all the extra help they can get. Food banks are a great way to feed families in your community who are going through a rough patch, while educational resources helps to simplify the learning process for students. Without further ado, here are 10 creative charitable options to give back to your community. HELP AN ELDERLY

Hearing The Savior Through Music This year alone has been hard and devastating for many. In addition to dealing with the pandemic, thousands of people have lost their jobs all across the world and many more are left having to figure out how to make ends meet. In the midst of all this chaos, it can be hard to remember the savior and His plan for all His children. So, the question arises: How can we hear Him? Well, one of

Other than the Bible, those seeking to grow further into faith can dive into the wealth of literature in Christian books. For this reason, reading widely is recommended, focusing on the areas that one feels to lack much information. Here are five Christian books that are suitable to invest your time in. MERE CHRISTIANITY For any 21st century Christian, this is a must-read. The book features the journey of C.S Lewis, a former reputed atheist who turned Christian. Lewis is not only

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