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I can only say yes if I had the experience it myself. Well, what I am writing here is completely based on my eye witnessing account and the healing of my family friends along with myself. I know for a fact that the healing is as alive as it was in the days of Christ Jesus. Jesus is the same today as he was in the days as he was when he walked the earth. The word of God said he's the same today yesterday and forever.

There has been a new approach by the authorities here in Minnesota due to the changes of the new figures of the US Covid hospitalizations. In Minneapolis, we had a number of restrictions instituted here. In Minneapolis, We have two seasons. Winter and Construction, as usual at this time of the year we are in the construction phase with very hot - warm weather and all. Last year the construction work was half done because of the Covid virus, this

2020 has been a pretty turbulent year, but that hasn't stopped technology innovation. There have been a myriad of new electronic gadgets released this year, as well as improved versions of ones already out there on the market. They come with a whole host of features that cover a wide range of uses. Read on to find an electronic gadget that could make your life easier than ever. Apple Watch 5 The Apple Watch 5 was announced during a 2019 event held

There are many people who have thought about building their own computer but think of it as too daunting of a task. Doing it yourself can be a lot cheaper than buying one unless you are like me, decide you want the best of the best and buy the top of the line parts which will still be cheaper than if you bought those parts as one unit, and you will also save yourself a ton of aggravation by knowing

In this particular time across the country, many people are experiencing trying times. Some situations are driving even the strongest of individuals to their breaking point. The stress of losing a job, problem marriage, addiction, feeling of inadequacy, or the inability to care for the family are among the many reasons why a person goes through a crisis. It is difficult to watch a family member in crisis, and not know what you can do to help. The suicidal rate

  Why walking is the most underrated kind of workout. We all know that walking is good for us, but did you know all of the incredible benefits of doing it every day? Walking enhances fitness, heart health, wellness, alleviates clinical depression and  fatigue, improves your state of mind, creates less tension on joints and minimizes discomfort, can stop weight gain, minimize potential disease, improve endurance, enhance circulation, and much more.

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