There has been a new approach by the authorities here in Minnesota due to the changes of the new figures of the US Covid hospitalizations. In Minneapolis, we had a number of restrictions instituted here. In Minneapolis, We have two seasons. Winter and Construction, as usual at this time of the year we are in the construction phase with very hot – warm weather and all. Last year the construction work was half done because of the Covid virus, this year construction work is at full blast. Minneapolis has streets blocked all over the city, we had perfect weather to accommodate the workforce with full construction.

Besides the construction of the roads, bridges, and new sewers and water systems being under construction in the city of Minneapolis, there are at least 12 high-rises or skyscrapers either under construction or approved to begin construction throughout the city. What does this do for the congestion of the streets of the in the city? It would be a nightmare. The city has a great deal of planning to do. The detours are essential and basically indispensable to keep the traffic flowing. This city has the equipment rather it is for snow removal or construction they are well adapted and quite capable. I have been a resident here since 2084 and watch the city change to a city that is similar to other cities in the US except the crime has not gotten out of hand. But getting back to the problem we have a continuous problem with the police shooting unarmed citizens at traffic stops. It’s been a problem for some time. The key to this problem is the police union, the city fires the bad police and the union makes the city restate them. The city has paid out hundreds of millions to the families of the victims, the strategy is just nonproductive. The city cannot get rid of the bad apples. After George Floyd, we’ve had, I believe two more traffic cops shooting of unarmed non-aggressive young men. In one of those cases, the policewoman said she had thought she was using her taser. The problem is once your dead you cannot bring back the victims. Systemic Racism should be dismantled, we always had it in the United States, but now with cell phones, it has come to the surface. I may not live to see the change but I believe the change will in my time. The Bible says a kingdom divided against itself will fall. I believe the praying people of this Great Country will have God’s protection and we will survive.

I look for the brighter days that are ahead the word tells us to bless Israel and we will be blessed. Curse Israel and we will be cursed. (Gen. 12:1-3) I believe because the USA has supported Israel in the past and in the present our nation has been and is being blessed for doing so. For the word tells us if we bless Israel God will bless us. The word of God says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. You know in the spelling of the name Jerusalem the USA is in the middle of Jerusalem. I have been blessed with blessing Israel for years.

One last thing I want to say is to love your God with all of your heart and soul. Love your neighbor as you love yourself and bless others that are less fortunate than yourself, for we reap what we sow. No matter how things look in this country we are blessed. Keep the faith things will get better for this is a gifted nation good times are ahead of us, learn to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5-7) We live by faith, not by what we see or by the appearance. Our faith is in God just remember your doctor or medicine cannot heal you but God will heal you. The doctor and the chemist have been gifted by God, they will help you but your body does the balance after an operation. We need the doctors, we need the chemist but it’s God that does the healing. So put your trust in God and only believe for there is nothing impossible when you put your trust in God. God bless you.

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