I can only say yes if I had the experience it myself. Well, what I am writing here is completely based on my eye witnessing account and the healing of my family friends along with myself. I know for a fact that the healing is as alive as it was in the days of Christ Jesus. Jesus is the same today as he was in the days as he was when he walked the earth. The word of God said he’s the same today yesterday and forever.

I want to suggest that anyone that reads this blog will take the opportunity to believe that what he’s done for others he will do for you. I will give you examples of what he’s done for me and others is what he will do for you. Please understand there is a Supper Natural part of this world that is all around us that you do not see, but the University’s and Schools of higher learning are working so hard with various experiments of Life After Death revivers and from all over the country making it plain and proof positive that they had died, and had a taste of Life After Death and did not want to be resuscitated to reenter the body that they had just died with. What these Life After Death revivers talk about is the same spiritual world that they had died into, are the spirits that you do not see. Understand that when you died your spirit has a destination that it goes to, that is based on your decision rather one has accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. If you have rejected Christ you go with your master with is Satan to eternal damnation. We are taken to one of those destinations.

May I present you with a few cases of healings, there are so many of them that a thousand-page book printed with number 8 font size would be filled with names just for this year alone. We start with the dead being raised, blind eyes being open, cancer being healed, the deaf ears being open, hearts, kidneys, knees being healed, back, fibroids, obesity, sugar diabetes, back pain, spins, aids there is nothing that can be wrong with you that Jesus Christ can not heal. You don’t need a man with the gift of healing to lay hands on you, but if you don’t know the Lord it is recommended that you find a man with the anointing for healing to prepare you and touch you and be made whole. Go expecting God to do wonders. Go and see for yourself. Be curious, go to a healing meeting, and find out for yourself.

Now I had a stroke on my whole left side I am back and normal. I had a daughter that had stepped on a rusty nail, neither my wife nor I knew it, she was about nine years of age when we learned of the ordeal it was days later when we rush her to the hospital, the doctors stated that the gangrene had set in. the doctors wanted to take her leg, I said no let my wife and I pray. They gave us two days, for they could not delay it beyond the two days because the gangrene was rapidly going up to her knee. on the second day, the gangrene begins to regress. Going down her leg, by the third day, it was all but finish. By the four days, it had totally healed. What if I had listened to the doctor and the hospital, my daughter would have to live being a cripple.

I had a left leg problem for about two years, I could not get in and out of bed, it had gotten so bad the doctors had a consultation and decided that I should have a spine operation. I prayed and my primary care doctor to me don’t do it. he said he would stand in the doorway to block it from happening. I did not have the operation. So when I had the stroke the doctor in rehabilitation to me don’t worry about getting to the bathroom at night he would take care of that. He did and trick my leg into believing it was well after two weeks my leg was well without an operation. All of the inflammation was gone, that was 12 years ago. Again it was by prayer.

I am 88 years old, was in the hospital as mention above for the only time, we learn from childhood the Lord is the healer if you only believe. There is no mystery to the fact of one having the faith to believe. trust God and he will see you through. He is as real as your brother or sister and if you will accept him he will come into your heart and live with you. You will never be forsaken always loved and he will watch over you all of the days of your life.

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