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Valentines Day Plan

A romantic dinner, chocolate and bouquet of roses usually sums up my Valentine’s Day. Being married for over 30 years, my husband and I have found lots of fun ways to make the night more memorable. Here are some add-on ideas to spice up the night. Create a playlists of romantic songs together. Try taking a salsa or ballroom dance class together. One fun idea is a couple’s sip and paint class. There are so many fun things to do that you won’t go wrong adding any of these choices to your plans.

I plan on suggesting to my husband this year for us to attend a wine and dinner pairing event. He is real big on pairing the right wine with his dinner. It should be really fun and educational as well. Some other great ideas is taking a glass blowing class or his & her spa day. Now if you are trying to just chill at home. Something really cute is to collect your old love letters and cards to read them to each other. You can’t imagine the growth and maturity you will see from year to year as you reread them. I love playing cards so adding a little spice to a game of cards works for me.

I’m not much of a singer but belting out your favorite songs with a couple’s karaoke is fun. Looking at a good movie at home with popcorn and your favorite snacks is a perfect date night always. The best thing I can tell you when it comes to making Valentine’s fun for you both. Make sure you know what would make your significant other happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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