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Have Some Standards

I was having a great conversation with my daughter about setting high standards for yourself. My daughter embodied that in every way. She’s brilliant, focus, and driven. For as long as I can remember she always even as a child had a goal or plan. She is in the process of pursuing her doctorate in Atmospheric Science. We have been discussing her personal relationship lately. What she wants and needs to get the 80/20 rule. We agree that she pretty much has achieved that in her one-year relationship with the great guy she is dating.

As we were deeper in talking about the standard. We started discussing our standard as parents for her and any relationship she in. She concluded that we have a harder standard on the guy she dates than her older brother’s relationships. I can’t lie that I see we are a little more rigid with what we hope she gets in a relationship. Especially her having a protective father won’t help the situation. But we concluded were we are so confident in her decision making. She makes very sound decisions and really thinks things through. We as her parents are also are not full of judgment either so she fluid in her thinking.

We also let her know her big brother has always been an old soul. He is very thoughtfulness in his decision-making as well. So we didn’t worry about his relationships as much. I have come to the realization that all my praying and prayers from their grandparents have blessed them with a sound mind. My daughter is more than capable of having a very long-term healthy relationship with her current boyfriend. We definitely know if she thinks he’s a keeper we are gladly ready to follow along!

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