Christianity Top Video And Streaming Options For Distance Church Services

Top Video And Streaming Options For Distance Church Services

Churches serve to bring people together through the gathering of religion and community. As the Coronavirus continues to spread, this traditional gathering of people has been put on hold as many churches can’t meet in-person. Fortunately, it’s still possible to hold church services thanks to live-streaming capabilities. Services via live stream or church services on-demand enable a pastor to deliver a sermon to his church without compromising the safety of its members. Here are some of the most dependable church streaming services that your church could utilize.

1. is a live-streaming program that includes many features for viewers including sermon notes. There is a map feature that allows everyone to see the attendance list as well as collaborate with others in a moderated chat. Some of its other features include Facebook and mobile device compatibility, Ultra HD streaming, video-on-demand, and adaptive bitrate. A basic and premium plan is available at $79 and $127 per month.

2. SundayStreams
Another streaming solution that is dedicated to church services is SundayStreams. This service caters to the church by being ad-free. Just like the previously mentioned program, SundayStreams is compatible with Facebook and mobile devices. One standout feature is the analytics dashboard. These analytics are powered by Google and provide interesting insights about each stream. If you have a question about the product, the company usually responds within 24 hours. Though the response time is reputable, there are streaming services that better-suit those who need 24/7 support. The basic plan provides 250 GB of bandwidth for $49 per month, and the premium plan offers 1000 GB of bandwidth for $79.

3. ChristianWorldMedia
This streaming service offers many different plans and may be more suitable for smaller churches. Ranging from $15 to $199, its plans cater to churches with 35, 50, and 200 viewers. For those who value 24/7 customer support, the premium plan grants you access to phone support. This plan also provides 100 GB of storage and the option to share directly on social media. This product is affordable with great customer service but lacks in video quality. As long as the church is content with standard definition video, this platform is a good option for small and small-medium sized churches.

4. TruthCasting
TruthCasting is one of the most versatile programs for video church services. It’s viable for churches with as little as 50 members as well as ones with over 3000 members. This program is advantageous to iPhone and iPad users because it’s compatible with most devices. The price range depends on how many people attend the church, and each plan unlocks all the features of the program.

There are a plethora of great options for churches looking to stream their services. All of these programs present their own unique advantages and disadvantages, but overall, they are great tools that can elevate your church during the pandemic. Evaluate each of these programs to determine the best solution for your church. 

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