Christianity 5 Christian Books To Read In 2020

5 Christian Books To Read In 2020

Other than the Bible, those seeking to grow further into faith can dive into the wealth of literature in Christian books. For this reason, reading widely is recommended, focusing on the areas that one feels to lack much information. Here are five Christian books that are suitable to invest your time in.

For any 21st century Christian, this is a must-read. The book features the journey of C.S Lewis, a former reputed atheist who turned Christian. Lewis is not only a logical thinker, but he also has a strong reasoning capability. While studying at Oxford University, he engaged in a lengthy discussion about faith with his friend J.R Tolkien.

The book can be of great help to Christians, especially those that consider Christianity as weak or religion for the uninformed. This is because even people with bright minds, like Lewis, appreciate the need for a savior.

“None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God” is a great Christian book written by Matthew Barret. In the current world, people often lower God down to our level and domesticate Him into human limitations. On the other hand, Matthew uses literature to raise people towards God by explaining His majesty, glory, and power. This helps Christians to comprehend and understand His powerful and divine characteristics. Matthew describes how God’s creatures are limited to His understanding, and how well we can fathom his attributes, from the simple ones (such as immutability and omnipotence) to the less familiar ones (such as God’s aseity and impassibility).

Pastor Kevin DeYoung is the author of this book. He tries to fill the gap between passion for the Word and the thirst for Godliness. It explains how the lack of regard for a holy living can lead to little or no joy in the spiritual life. Kevin challenges Christians to examine the place occupied by holiness in their hearts. He insists that the rift that exists between the love for the gospel and the desire for Godliness needs filling, making relevant references from Bible passages about God’s purpose for salvation.

This book is an excellent read for Christians looking forward to getting to heaven but are not in a hurry to get there. The author, David Gibson, takes the readers through the book of Ecclesiastes to have a better understanding of why the world isn’t their permanent home. Basing the teaching on this truth, he tries to help them lead a better and more fruitful life.

For Christians who strive to spend time in God’s word but struggle to maintain their consistency, this is the book to spend time with. The author, Charles H. Spurgeon, tries to encourage readers who are nearly giving up in life to the extent that they find it hard to read the Bible. The book has two short but productive daily readings that are based on Bible passages. They will help the reader to refocus on biblical truths and revive the joy in their hearts.

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