Christianity Top 5 Most Popular Worship Songs In 2020

Top 5 Most Popular Worship Songs In 2020

Hearing The Savior Through Music
This year alone has been hard and devastating for many. In addition to dealing with the pandemic, thousands of people have lost their jobs all across the world and many more are left having to figure out how to make ends meet. In the midst of all this chaos, it can be hard to remember the savior and His plan for all His children. So, the question arises: How can we hear Him? Well, one of the easiest and most uplifting ways is through music.

Worship Songs For The Soul
Just because church is closed doesn’t mean that our spiritual growth has to pause. We can rejoice in our God by listening to worship songs right from our phones. If you aren’t sure where to get started, the following paragraphs will help you discover what songs you should try out first.

With just 62 million view on Youtube, “This Is Amazing Grace”, by Phil Wickham takes first place. This uplifting song speaks of the unconditional love Jesus has for us. So much so that he gave his life for us and conquered the grave. This thought allows listeners to feel both humility and gratitude for the Savior.

Coming in second place is “What A Beautiful Name”, by Hillsong Worship. This melodic masterpiece brings listeners to a state of mindfulness and peace. The song speaks of the Savior’s ultimate sacrifice and his unwavering love for each of us. Through this sound, listeners and viewers are able to praise Him for all that He is and all that He’s done.

“O Come To The Alter”, by Elevation Worship comes in third place with an uplifting message, imploring all to come unto Christ. It reminds worshippers of His unconditionally love, mercy and glory as well as His ability to forgive the sinner that turns Him.

In fourth place is another song by Hillsong Worship titled “Who You Say I AM”. This song expresses the love of our Savior who died for us despite the fact that we are all sinners. It reminds us that the only way to redemption and to be saved is through Him. Despite the adversities thrown at us, we must remember who we are: children of God.

Last, but not least, we have “Lord, I Need You”, by Matt Maher. With over 34 million views, this song teaches both listeners and viewers alike about the importance of having the companionship of the Savior at all time. Through each hour of the day and through thick and thin.

To summarize, as we allow ourselves to be submerged in good, uplifting music, we will be able to acknowledge the Savior’s hand in our lives, remember that we are children of a mighty God who loves us, and seek to find ways that allow us to hear Him more. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed or need to worship at home, sing or listed to one of these popular worship songs.

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