Electronics The Evolution of The Television

The Evolution of The Television

In the beginning, television was not as popular or as accessible as it is today. Back then, people had to rely on their radio to get their information. In the early days of television sets were bulky and heavy compared to TVs today.

The evolution of the television timeline can be determined through the advancements that have been made in technology since the first televisions were invented in 1927 by Karl Ferdinand Braun. Initially, the very early models were not very efficient and produced fuzzy, out-of-focus pictures. As more improvements were made to the television set, which includes the growth of the broadcasting companies, the addition of color to television sets, and the exponential increase in the production of televisions after the second World War had ended and by being able to increase the production amount of televisions made in a year the unit price of the television drastically fell opening up the availability of access to a television to so many who before could even afford  set on a  6months wages; all of those things working together made it so  “the percentage of U.S. households that owned a television set rose from 9 percent in 1950 to 95.3 percent in 1970.”

In the next few decades, the quality of the picture improved and new features were added to the sets including color capability, which gave the entire screen a vibrant new life like a new separate wondrous invention completely apart from the black and white television itself. From this point forward the television timeline began to transition into the format of what we know it to be today – an electronic television. In the years following these innovations being introduced to the world, many more innovations continued forward. Television sets became lighter but the screens grew much larger than their “large” 12” counterparts so many years before. The half-life improved and they became increasingly easier to operate.

Following the introduction of the T.V., the television timeline once again began to transition. T.V. systems started to incorporate recording equipment that allowed the user to record their favorite shows and then play them back at a later date. This transition also brought about the advent of “DVR” systems. A “DVR” system is simply a device that is used to record television for future playback on hard drives that could record and delete many times before ever breaking down, unlike their predecessors, the VHS player/recorder that required so much more delicate care and attention to avoid having any memories being lost in a fight between myself and the VCR  that randomly decided to ‘eat’ the tape.

As we continue to journey through time and space, the technology that is utilized in our homes will change as well. Some of the most notable changes in the realm of television are changing the definition of “broadband.” The days of black and white television are now gone. With the advent of digital technology the entire concept of “programming” has been changed forever. Now, television set owners can just log on to their smart TVs or tablets or computers or even phones at any time to catch up on their favorite shows or to catch up on work.

As the Internet becomes more prevalent throughout America and the world communities owning a tv or even 3 or 4 large TVs is accessible to almost anyone who desires one. I think combining the internet with a TV has to be in my opinion one of the most simple but one of the greatest innovations in the past 8-9 years, as far as Televisions are concerned, but looking back at the history and seeing just how much the television has grown from a tiny 4’-12’ screen size and only could produce bright florescent light with a fuzzy out of focus picture to what we have now, a screen practically any size you want, a curved TV to immerse you into the action and 3D TVs that make you feel and think the monsters or action is literally jumping out of the screen.
It really excites me to see where this still rapidly growing technology will evolve into in the next 10years.  WOW!!!

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Evolution of Television Timeline
Evolution of Television is a timeline showcasing the development of televisions. I illustrated the most distinctive television from different years to show how far we have become in the entertainment field throughout the years. I also showcased what was important to the year, whether it was who made it, which television station was introduced or if it was black & white vs. color, and where we are today with television. My process began with researching the time period of when the television first came out and from there I found the typefaces I wanted to use which include ParisianSTD for the headlines & title, NeutraText Book for the body copy. Next, I found a color palette that would work well with the variety of colors in the television illustrations, so I chose tan & blue. From there it was just about placement and figuring out the sizes of everything for easy readability.
Evolution of Television Timeline
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Published: March 26th 2019

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