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Work Ethic

I have learned that you cannot teach people to have a work ethic. Either you have one or you don’t. The more determined and driven you are the more you are working to get these accomplished. A work ethic can translate into wealth, health, and success. How many stories have you heard about a lazy person achieving his goals from his lazy efforts? Yes, I hear the crickets that just don’t happen.

Everyone doesn’t have success just because they have a great work ethic. But it is very hard not to say they didn’t work pretty hard and you appreciate their grind. In my personal life, I have seen the strong work ethic pay off. It’s nothing for me to go hard at something too. I do notice work ethic is not transient in every area of your life though. There are definite drivers that make you want to go work hard at something but fall short in others.

I have family and friends that push themselves to the limit when it comes to achieving wealth. But they don’t take the same drive when it comes to their health and well-being. I really believe you have to love what you are pursuing to do this. I really care about working my hardest but with God’s purpose on my mind. Having the balance to navigate my pursues and also focus on helping others as well. A great work ethic

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