Health Resting


In modern society, the mentality is going to go almost all the time. Every second you aren’t doing something someone else is getting ahead or you are losing ground. Essentially FOMO of not spending your time wisely causing people to be paranoid of the idea of relaxing.

In reality, we all need rest, being in “go mode” all the time may help us get ahead now but can hurt in the long run. We all need time to rest our minds, bodies, and soul from the struggles of day-to-day living. Allowing that time to rest can make each “go mode” a little easier. There must remain some form of balance for everyone or they may burn out.

This is not to say to rest indefinitely, some need more than others but a balance between rest and work is necessary for anyone to advance and grow in life. The time of rest allows someone to process their lives, the things they do, the people around them, and where they want to be. In physics for an object in motion to stop fully it must be acted upon by an equal but opposite force. Become the equal and opposite force in your life to be able to stop yourself to see how far you have traveled.

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