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Where Do We Go from Here?

When you are in a new relationship, the build-up is very exciting. You can really say there are flowers, sunshine, and beautiful butterflies everywhere. A new relationship’s first dates require you to be at your very best. A person usually is careful about what say, what they wear, and how they look. If the chemistry is there then you are expecting another great date.


I have been married for over 35 years and honestly, I still have first date moments with my spouse. Yes, y’all we are really that couple that still really loves each other. But it took lots of work! Enough of about me now let’s get back to these new sparkly relationships. I absolutely love the work put in to try to impress the other person. Any gentle gesture of hope of more days spent with this new love. I do think you should be real though but don’t come too hard the first few dates.


I think the intimacy in a new relationship should be at a minimum. Why would you start off giving all of you in the very beginning? If it is the real deal then the time will come. I call them stair steps to your relationship. Create a foundation first that’s full of the standards you want to set going forward. The love, touching, kissing, and other forms of intimacy will come soon enough. Build that friendship and trust first so that all the other parts fall in line. And yes, you should be kissing and touchy-feely while you are growing your relationship. But take your time. The rush usually ends in bed with someone you may just like for a time your chemistry and hormone are running wild. A long-term relationship cannot be based on your hormone driving you into a lustful decision.


Where do we go from here?

Blog: 8-27-2021

Harold McDowell

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