Health This Blog Based Upon My Experience With Vertigo

This Blog Based Upon My Experience With Vertigo


If you never had it you don’t want it. My first encounter with vertigo was about 25 years ago in London England. I had been running like there was no time left after the day that I was functioning in, I believed that the date was so important because I was going home to the United States after a 3 year extended period of being out of the country, my wife and children had returned home, as it was the custom I was out shopping on Oxford Street in London for my grandchildren and my wife and sister in law. On that particular day, I had been shopping for about 6 hours and I decided to go into Selfridges to shop and eat. I had set at the table for about 45 minutes or so and when I stood up to leave I felt a bit unstable. I never in my life had that feeling, it was total dizzyness so I went outside and stood against the department store building to get my bearings and to my surprise, it became worse. So I called my business partner to come and get me, for I could not even walk to the street for the cab, I told Kostas, my business partner, what had occurred and he said let’s go to the doctor. I told him I was too disorientated so we went to our London apartment, I changed my flight for the U.S. We had the doctor come to our condo to see me.  He examines me and stated that I had a mad case of vertigo. My first question was what is that? Our cell phone was not a computer as it is today I had never heard of vertigo as I was growing up nor in my adult years, how is it going to affect me besides what is happening today is there a long-term effect? he stated he did not know. I later learn that Vertigo is often caused by an inner ear problem, which is the most common cause, the doctor gave me some sort of medicine it didn’t change anything. After a few days, my head cleared up back to normal, I left for the U.S. 4 days after I was well and traveling again with no further occurrence, I had a sensory stroke in 2011 I recovered from that in about a year totally. In 2015 I had gotten up out of bed and was dizzy, I manage to hold on without falling because I had experience vertigo back 20 years ago. My wife and sister-in-law and others that I know that occasionally get a case of vertigo off and on make it sound like a Federal case, so in that 2015 case of vertigo, I just press the button for an emergency that I wear around my neck and the paramedics came and picked me up and took me to Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis MN Emergency Room. some people say it’s like being really high, I wouldn’t know, I have never been high in my life I don’t drink.  After waiting there for three hours taking test after test they admitted me and took me up to the Ward, the doctor came in and said I understand you have Vertigo, I told him yes that is what the tests seem to indicate. The Doctor said a nurse will be here to see you in the morning and you should be ready to go back home. I thought to myself the nurse cannot write me a prescription, the next thought was to wait and see what’s going to happen. And at this point hold the question.

The Sun open the morning, the nurse came into my room with a student, for Fairview is a Teaching Hospital of the University of Minnesota, the nurse introduces herself and the student, The nurse was pregnant, and she climbs onto my bed and says to me will you laid down here, I said to her jokingly, “you want me to get in bed with a white woman in the hospital that is pregnant?” She knew my statement was just for fun. So I got onto the bed and I follow her instruction which is in the document attached she instructed to turn my head, and when I turn my head to the right it was normal, then she said now turn your head to the left and my head started snapping pictures frame by frame very very fast then it became slower until it was no more it had stopped. The nurse said stand up and let’s walk down the hall. The Vertigo was over. It was done and I  went home. I have worked this procedure out with others with the same results. Now, this was done with no medicine or exercise, just one-two-three, and it’s done. The document is directly what was given to me and it is a for-real hospital procedure. For most people and myself, it was done with one procedure.
The article is from Fairview Hospital Minnesota

Blog 7-30-21
Harold McDowell

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