Electronics This Years Most Innovative Laptops And Tablets

This Years Most Innovative Laptops And Tablets

Both laptops and tablets have become even more useful in recent years and are great for both enjoyment and work purposes. Not only that, but you’ll have one of the most innovative laptops or tablets currently available like one of the four below.

The Apple iPad Pro Tablet
The Apple iPad Pro Tablet prides itself as one of the best new tablets for 2020 from Apple. It is sleek and sophisticated and can do just about anything you want. If you have always been a fan of the Apple iPad, then this Pro edition is right up your alley.

Along with its sleek redesign, the iPad Pro boasts its beauty with many exciting characteristics. A few of these characteristics include going away from its home button and replacing it with their facial recognition software known as Face ID. The Pro also includes Apple’s very own port known as Lightning. With the Lightning port your Pro tablet receives an increased amount of choices for accessory use. The Apple iPad Pro is available with a 12.9-inch or 11-inch screen display.

The Lenovo Yoga C930 Tablet
Lenova has certainly made its presence known among the tablet market as they offer one of the best new tablets for 2020. Known as the Yoga C930, this tablet is completely convertible and includes a display that is 14-inch and UHD 4K. This display makes the C930 look totally impressive.

Besides the impressive display, the C930 includes DDR4 RAM (16GB), Intel’s Graphics 620 GPU, and Intel’s Core i7-8550U computer processor. If you are worried about space you won’t need to because of its SSD that is able to hold 1TB.

The Dell XPS 13 (9300) Laptop
Dell’s XPS 13 laptop has a lot of features to be excited over including the display and design of its body. One reason why the display is so great is because of its 13.3-inch screen placed in a body that would normally be considered too small. To make it work, Dell lengthened the display by eliminating its bezel. With Dell eliminating the bezel, its overall configuration drastically improves it to become one of the most innovative laptops available.

Although there are only two available colors (white and gold), the silver and carbon fiber options for the XPS 13 is still available if you request it.

The HP Envy 13 Laptop
HP’s new Envy 13 laptop not only offers their customer’s with a great laptop, but also at a price no one can pass up at $800. At this low price you get the same great benefits as all of the other high price laptops available on the market. A few benefits include speakers that are beyond capable, substantial amount of performance, and a sleek body. You will also love its integrated security that utilizes fingerprint recognition to enhance user privacy. If you upgrade to the 1080p version, you will get an improvement of its battery life which can last for more than 11 hours.

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