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Letting Go

We are not trained or conditioned to accept things not working out. As kids, something not working out can result in funky moods, tantrums, or overall poor behavior. Unfortunately, those reactions we consider “childish” most people never actually grow out of. It’s a difficult thing to admit when you have to come to terms that you may have aged but you are very much the same as you were.

Letting go is a trained mentality, it is very unnatural in a world where we learn that having is more important than not having. We are told to hold on to items, friends, family, feelings, and situations. It’s up to each individual to figure out how to let go of the things he/she hold on to.

Holding on is important when it is of value but in the same vein, a level of maturity is needed in case that valuable thing ceases to exist. The idea of letting go supersedes holding on because of its fundamental difference. Holding on implies that what we used to have cannot come again while letting go implies it can come again and even in a better form.

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