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7 Best Bible And Prayer Apps

Bible and prayer apps play a vital role in helping you stick to the prayer routine. There are several bible apps you can install. They will allow you to access bible verses from any location. Check on the type of app before installing it. Some apps are available on Android, while others are supported by iOS. Some apps are easy to use, while others may have several features that require you to learn how they operate. Here are some of the seven best prayer apps you can get online:

1. Daily Bible
This bible app is available for android users. Android users have been found to use it frequently due to the several features supported. For instance, you can get daily verses, reading plans, and quick search bible verses. The bible app supports several versions of the bible. You can use the app to access ESV, KJV, and NIV bibles. 

2. Bible Gateway
The bible app works on Android phones only. It comes with several ways to read the bible. Those interested in bible study verses can access them on the app. It supports more than 90 bible translations. Some of the bible versions you can access via the app include KJV, NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV, HCSB, CEB, and NASB, among other bible versions. People looking to read the bible on their phones can count on this excellent app. 

3. Glo Bible
It is among one of the best bible apps you can get to enjoy reading the bible from any location. The wide range of translations makes the app very helpful to people from all walks of life. The app comes with built-in images, videos, maps, and several study tools to make reading and understand the bible easy. It will require an internet connection to allow you to read the bible. 

4. You Version
It is among the best bible apps that work on both iOS and Android. More than 86 million downloads are making this app among the most popular ones to use. You can apply the app to listen and watch bible teachings. It is free to allow you to access a wide range of Bible study plans. 

5. Bible. Is
The app is available on both Android and iOS. It is among the best bible apps that come in several languages. You can access dramatized bible audio to make your understanding easy. The Jesus film part of the app makes it easy to follow the bible study. 

6. Blue Letter Bible
You need to compare the prayer apps before you can decide on the best. The Blue Letter Bible makes it easy to access the bible on your mobile device. It comes in more than 30 translations, and it is free to download.

7. Logos Bible App
It is an app that works for both iOS and Android. You can apply the app to get more than 40 free bible translations. It comes with additional resources such as devotion reading plans.

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