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I was having a great conversation with my daughter about setting high standards for yourself. My daughter embodied that in every way. She’s brilliant, focus, and driven. For as long as I can remember she always even as a child had a goal or plan. She is in the process of pursuing her doctorate in Atmospheric Science. We have been discussing her personal relationship lately. What she wants and needs to get the 80/20 rule. We agree that she pretty

We are all unique in this world, no two people even twins, are exactly identical. We all have our own unique traits and abilities that make us who we are. In many cases, people tend to look at others to compare these traits and abilities longing for something else rather than looking at themselves. Even with each person being unique that does not mean everyone is born equal. Some people are taller, shorter, bigger, smaller, and a number of things make

You may not have thought about bar soap in a while until you are suddenly confronted with it in a guest bathroom or a hotel room shower. It seems something from the past, like something you used when you were taking baths as a kid, it’s time to re-examine the power of the bar of soap.   Body washes are becoming more and more popular among men, especially those who struggle with dry skin, but the kind of clean you get from bar

I have learned that you cannot teach people to have a work ethic. Either you have one or you don't. The more determined and driven you are the more you are working to get these accomplished. A work ethic can translate into wealth, health, and success. How many stories have you heard about a lazy person achieving his goals from his lazy efforts? Yes, I hear the crickets that just don't happen. Everyone doesn't have success just because they have a

Most of us hate to be rejected especially because it feels personal. Getting a rejection in any form from relationships, our ideas, job, or career plans can really put a damper on your day. Life is going to be full of these circumstances so we have to take them with a grain of salt. What you do after the rejection is the most important thing. Some people take rejection as the call to quit. Rejection causes depression in others especially when

There has been a new approach by the authorities here in Minnesota due to the changes of the new figures of the US Covid hospitalizations. In Minneapolis, we had a number of restrictions instituted here. In Minneapolis, We have two seasons. Winter and Construction, as usual at this time of the year we are in the construction phase with very hot - warm weather and all. Last year the construction work was half done because of the Covid virus, this

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